Cater4you has extensive experience in Christenings and children’s events.

The specificity of a child or christening event, is that it should not only be adjusted to the appetites of young guests and the additional entertaining events, but also to the amusement of the grownups..

Our goal is that all guests, young and old, will be satisfied. Hence the venue of the event should be tailored in such way so on the one hand our young friends have their own space to play and have fun with games and animations and on the other hand parents can maintain visual contact with the kids, without having the kids disturbing or worrying the parents.


Christening Catering Menu

The menu for a Christening, must certainly be carefully selected better than any other kind of reception, as it is important to include dishes that children like, without including junk food that will disappoint parents who are sensitive to their children’s eating habits.

Cater4you suggests several kids menus and we are confident that your needs will be fully satisfied. Apart from the kids menu, however, we must also consider the menus for the grownups on which emphasis should be given.

The options are many, as you can choose from a simple buffet with finger food outside the church, where the mystery will take place, or a complete and rich menu in buffet or A La Carte. The chef’s suggestions are various and will surely impress, making it easier for you to choose what you will offer to your guests.

Christening Theme

Christening theme is the innovation of Cater4you based in our experience. Apart from arranging the menu, Cater4you can undertake the decoration of the reception venue according to the theme that you have chosen for your child’s baptism.

Some of the themes you could choose is the Little Prince, Princess Sissy, Dora the Explorer and everything else you can imagine and desire. The uniforms of the waiters, children’s toys, menu and decoration of the venue and tables will be tailored to support the theme you will have chosen.

So why not impress your guests by selecting a special thematic reception?

Reception of Christening in your place

Cater4you is able to organize your catering at any place of Cyprus. Contact us to have a look at the menu proposals for Christening.